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The is a non-profit trade association representing over 385 licensed and insured movers operating in Texas. Established in 1918, the provides numerous benefits for its members, including many educational, industry forums, and programs.

Comprised of 12 Chapters strategically located throughout Texas, the is highly organized and provides effective leadership for the industry. The also has effective committees focusing on topics such as Government Affairs, Insurance, and Military Affairs. These Committees provide the membership with valuable information and provide a voice for the membership.

As a condition of membership, each mover member must be licensed and agree to abide by a Code of Ethics promising to provide consumers honest, legal, and efficient service. Trained personnel, operating clean and safe equipment, are standard member service characteristics.

The also includes more than 135 associate member companies. These organizations provide Texas movers the very best in goods and services to assist in generating a quality service to the public.

The also plays a valuable role for the Texas consumer. Through the establishment of membership criteria, consumers who choose a mover that is a member of the, are more likely to obtain a qualified mover that will provide excellent service.

For more information about the, or to become a member, call
10900 E. 183rd St., Suite 300
Houston, TX 90 & Storage Association 1
10900 E. 183rd St., Ste 300, Houston, TX 90
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